About Us

Company Profile

California Express Charters is an independently owned and operated transportation company located in Los Angeles, California. Being in the transportation business for three decades, you can rest assured we understand every facet of providing safe, reliable and comfortable transportation for your group.

Our professional sales staff courteously and competently handles your particular requirements. We provide services to a wide range of needs: school student and personnel transportation for student activities, shuttles for special events, and motor coaches for a variety of non-profit, corporate and special interest groups.
Our familiarity with Southern California and the Los Angeles metropolitan area allows us to navigate efficiently to insure that you arrive on time and are dropped-off and picked-up at the point of greatest convenience.

Protecting the Environment

Traveling together on a bus rather than separately in automobiles promotes stronger relationships by fostering interaction and reduces individual expenses. It also contributes to a “greener” environment. Group travel cuts down on the $72 billion wasted in resources and lost in productivity due to highway congestion. One completely full motor coach removes up to 50 cars from the road. In fact, buses can potentially keep 425 million cars off the roads in a single year, which in turn will drastically reduce air, ground, water, and noise pollution.


  • Do your buses all have heating and air conditioning? – Yes
  • Do your buses all have toilets? – Yes.
  • Do your buses all have reclining seats? – Yes.
  • Do your buses all have large luggage bays? – Yes.
  • Do your buses all have PA systems, CD, DVD and monitors? – Yes.
  • Will an older or physically limited person be able to board easily? – All of our buses either “kneel” towards the curb or have stairs which slide down to the curb, or have step stools on board.
  • May we bring food and eat on board? – Yes, with prior approval. Please advise beforehand so we can provide you with multiple trash bags for you to clean up.
  • May we bring alcohol on board? – Yes, must have prior approval and provided you are of legal age and agree to abide by the rules set by the company and driver. No glass containers will be allowed.
  • Do we need to tip the driver? – Gratuities are never included without your permission but 10-15% is typical and greatly appreciated by our drivers. We are happy to add the gratuity to your bill, or you may give it to the driver directly.
  • May we smoke on board? – No! Smoking is prohibited by law.
  • Who will pay for parking, tolls, entrance fees or driver’s overnight accommodation? – All of these will be the client’s responsibility.
  • Is there a limit to how many hours we can use the driver in one day? – Yes. California law states that in any 24 hour period a driver may not drive for more than 10 hours without 8 hours rest, or be on duty for more than 15 hours.
  • If I direct a driver to park or stop illegally, will I be responsible for any citation received? – Yes.
  • Can we pay by credit card? – Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Please notify us at least 3 days ahead of your trip to arrange pre-authorization.